Aqoustics website

Aqoustics website

Project Overview

Aqoustics is an innovative startup utilizing AI and machine learning to process underwater listening data, facilitating easier measurement and monitoring of ocean biodiversity.

Aqoustics approached me seeking company branding and a website that effectively explains their mission in an engaging, clear, and concise manner.

Key Challenges

  • Simplifying the complex technology behind Aqoustics’ solutions for a general audience.
  • Maximizing the impact with available resources.
  • Fitting brand image which stands out from the crowd.


I teamed up with Matt Dayton, a frequent collaborator, to create an aesthetically pleasing and fitting brand image. And, as usual, made sure to build website in such a way that it will be efficient to expand upon, so that it can grow with the company.

Technical Implementation

  • Frontend: Developed a decoupled, mobile-first responsive user interface using Vue.js. The front end is a single-page application (SPA) with server-side rendering to ensure speed, search engine crawlability, and compatibility across devices.
  • Backend: Implemented a RESTful API written in Elixir on the Phoenix framework.
  • Infrastructure: Deployed all components behind an Nginx reverse proxy, utilizing Docker on a Docker Swarm for efficient and scalable deployment.


  • Responsive Design: The mobile-first layout ensures optimal display on any device.
  • Brand Presentation: The website and branding effectively convey a professional and appealing image.

Thoughts and feelings

We built a good looking, performant website which Aqoustics can build upon in future. Quick, good looking projects like this are fun and satisfying for me to work on.