Nathan Goddard

I am Nathan Goddard, an independent full-stack web developer and programmer based near Dorking in Surrey, UK .

For almost 20 years, I have been creating web applications, digital installations, websites, and more for customers ranging from startups and local businesses to digital agencies and multinational corporations.

Recently, I was lead developer of Calling In Our Corals, a Google experiment which was featured on the Google home page in over 30 different countries, and at COP27.

Nathan Goddard and Oscar

Some other highlights (so far) include:

I lead the team who developed a distributed system to securely collect data from key systems running on the bridges of commercial ships, securely transfer it to servers on the shore over an unreliable connection, and present it on data dashboards, reducing the need for maintenance teams to attend ships physically.

I developed the software for a point of sales installation which allowed Dixons Carphone customers to pick up, and compare high end DSLR cameras in store.

I lead the team who developed the 2050 carbon calculator application for the UK governments Department of Energy and Climate Change. This featured a range of interactive charts and graphs, all custom made using D3.js. And allowed users to visualise the changes and effort required to meet the previous 2050 carbon emissions goal of 80% reduction.

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A bit more about Nathan

I live near Dorking, Surrey with my wife and our pet rabbit Oscar.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, running, playing bass guitar, and training / teaching / competing at Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Nathan Goddard hitting moves


A great thing about my job, is that technology is constantly developing. There is often no one right way to solve a problem, and I am always learning new and better ways of working.

These are some projects which I have made for my own personal development.

Want to know more?

My is an overview of everything on this website, including some of my recent work, and customer feedback. It may well lead to what you are looking for.

Otherwise, feel free to email me at or get in touch by any of the other means listed on my contact page.

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