Calling in our corals

Project Overview

Calling in our corals, developed for OurCarbon in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, was showcased both online as a Google Experiment and as a physical installation at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The goals of this project were to educate users on the importance of coral reef preservation, and to allow users to take part in tagging marine audio data as ‘citizen scientists’. This will then help to train AI to understand marine audio, and to help with the conservation of coral reefs around the world.

At COP27, the installation was a success. Here’s a quick video showing it in action. The user interface was spread across multiple screens, with video content displayed across a bank of three screens and a tablet providing an accessible touchscreen interface for user interaction. This setup was complemented by synchronized lighting controlled via DMX.

The Calling in our corals Google Experiment was featured on the Google homepage in over 30 countries and is available online for you to have a go.

Key Challenges

  • Multiscreen Coordination: Ensuring seamless interaction across multiple screens and a tablet interface.
  • Synchronized Lighting: Integrating DMX-controlled lighting to synchronize with user interactions.
  • Reliability: The application must be stable and reliable.
  • Fixed deadlines: Multiple tight deadlines made this project extra challenging


  • Developed a single-page application with 3D elements using Vue.js and Google’s AxL library.
  • Implemented a multiscreen setup with video content spanning three screens and a tablet interface.
  • Integrated DMX lighting control for synchronized lighting effects.
  • Ensured the application was intuitive and engaging for both physical and online audiences.

Technical Implementation

  • Single-Page Application: Designed and developed an intuitive single-page application with 3D elements, seamlessly integrating Vue.js with Google’s AxL library.
  • Multiscreen Interface: Coordinated video content across a bank of three screens and provided an accessible tablet touchscreen interface.
  • Lighting Control: Used python and DMX to control synchronized lighting effects.
  • Team Collaboration: Assembled and led a team of four to deliver the “Calling in Our Corals” application in collaboration with OurCarbon and Google Arts & Culture.


The calling in our corals installation at COP27 was a success, creating an engaging and educational experience.

The Google Experiment reached a global audience, it was featured on the Google homepage in over 30 countries, and continues to be available online for citizen scientists to learn about coral reefs, and to contribute by tagging some underwater sounds.

Thoughts and Feelings

Leading a talented team to develop this innovative and immersive experience, which captivated both physical and online audiences, was incredibly rewarding.

Calling in our corals’ success at COP27, coupled with the Google Experiment being featured on the Google homepage, made this a highlight in my career.