Nathansplace website

Nathansplace website

Project Overview

After deciding to work for myself four years ago, I’ve been so busy with client work that I only recently found the time to develop my own website.

Welcome to my portfolio site! This is an ongoing project, and I plan to continuously add useful content, along with some more fun Easter eggs.

Key Challenges

  • Finding time to build my own website: Balancing client work with personal projects has always been a challenge.


  • Integrating personal development with project work: Developing a full project using Phoenix LiveView has been a goal of mine, and building my own website provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

Technical Implementation

  • Phoenix LiveView: With Phoenix Framework’s LiveView approaching version 1.0, I was eager to try it out again. It has made significant progress, and after an initial learning curve, I was able to efficiently build a nice, content managed, SPA front end entirely within Phoenix.
  • Infrastructure: Utilized nginx, Docker, and Docker Swarm for orchestration, with continuous integration and deployment.


  • Single-Page Application: Developed a performant, mobile-first responsive SPA with intuitive inline content management based on Phoenix generators.
  • Streamlined Development: Demonstrated that a decoupled front end is not always necessary, leading to a more efficient development workflow.

Thoughts and feelings

I was highly impressed with Phoenix’s LiveView and have already started using it on another project. The speed and efficiency with which I was able to build my own website convinced me that this is an effective solution for my clients, when appropriate for the job in question.

I am proud to finally have a portfolio website that I can show off to others.