Hello world

Hello world
  • Created: 13/12/2014
  • Last updated: 13/12/2014

Hi I am Nathan Goddard I’m 27 years old and am a web programmer living in Surrey, UK. At work I mainly write Ruby on Rails and javascript applications for clients ranging from startups to corporates. Outside of work I mostly play bass guitar, run, brew beer, and hack on my own projects.

So why start a blog? Because I enjoy coding, am constantly learning, and I want to keep on learning fast. So by publishing what I have learned, I will then have to make sure I actually understand whatever it is I am talking about, else face the wrath of the internet. Also this could come in handy when I forget stuff.

I will aim to post something on here at least once a month, and I will add a contact form asap. Also if people start reading this, I will add commenting too.

So I will get on and write an article on something soon, but for now, here is my github, and my codepen profile and come back soon :)

tldr: I'm Nathan, and this is my blog. Its new.